Group Classes

Have a busy schedule? No worries! Our Group Yoga Classes offer something for everyone early in the morning, in the evenings, or some where in between. Group Classes are great for every level and offer a wonderful opportunity to socialize with others who are also seeking to improve health, wellness, and mindfulness.

Body Breakfast On The Beach With Kisa


What better way to start your day? Join us for body breakfast a 60 minute yoga flow led by Kisa that’s concentrated on awakening the senses through mindful movement. Perfect for all levels in each session you will be guided through the physical poses (asanas), breath-work (pranayama), meditation (dhyana) to the beautiful sounds of the ocean. Don’t forget your yoga mat/towel/blanket, bottle of water, swimsuit to play after, and sweater in case the weather is cool.

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Guided Meditation


Life is loud & fast. We’re always rushing, moving and making noise. Rarely do we have an opportunity to breathe and check in. What if I told you that I can help you find peace within chaos? Utilizing a guide and mindfulness exercises we’ll help you find your center.

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Group Yoga


All levels weekly flow session! Styles vary from class to class, but will include an ashtanga based influence. So, grab a mat and join the fun. A great way to meet fellow travelers on a spiritual journey.

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This 60 minute all level friendly session will utilize props to improve all of the body’s functions: nerves, circulation, digestion, reproduction, hormonal. Movements are concentrated on areas in the body that carry the most stress. Great for pro fighters, athletes, and retired service workers.

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